Unicornica was founded in 2015. Our company specializes in home décor and consumer goods mainly for webshops and catalogs in Sweden, Finland and Germany. 
We supply products that will easily create social media buzz. 
Our headquarters is located in Stockholm, our main warehouse is in Johanneshov.
The quality of our products is our great pride 
and we do our best to continually increase our quality level. 
All of our products are EU-certified, we provide our resellers with all the needed test certificates and necessary documentation to sell our goods in the European market. 

* Unicornica is only the wholesale company. Contact us to become our reseller.

Mermaid Pillows

The pillow with thousand looks. Create you own pattern by stroking the surface.


Colour Shifting Backpack 

 Bright and shiny, reflective bag with unique shape. This backpack will never let owner to be unnoticed. 

Reflects light on flash and shimmers in various ways depending on type of light and angle.

Garden gloves with claws on right hand makes digging, planting and raking an easy task.


Electric rechargable X-lighter with two plazmatic beams. Windproof and easy to use.

My Hippo

Seatingpouffs in the shape of animals as a decorative and useful item both for the home aswell as the workplace. Beautiful, useful och something to create a positive feeling around.


Rockers as horse, motorcycle and pig both for adults and children both for homes and workplace for some moments of relaxations as one let the child-within take over.

Contrabass Cabinet

The contrabass cabinet is just so much more than a cabinet, it will become the centerpiece of any room and has multiple values as both an object of beauty aswell an object for use. 

Either with 17 drawers or as an 20 bottle bar.

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